Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Resource Page

A. For Pharmacists:

1. Guide to Compulsory CPE for Pharmacists Ver (1.0)  Click Here

2. List of SPC-Accredited CPE Providers  Click Here

3. List of SPC-Accepted Accreditation Agencies  Click Here

4. CPE Event Calendar (for cateogry 1B)  Click Here

5. Online CPE Resources (for category 3A)  Click Here

6. CPE Journals & Books List (Updated July 2011)  Click Here

B. For CPE Providers:

1. For accredited CPE Providers

CPE Provider Guide Ver (1.0) Aug 06 Click Here

CPE Event Attendance Form for Accredited CPE Providers only Click Here

2. For application of accreditation of events by non-accredited organisations

Please email to or call 6478 5066 / 5068 for assistance

3. For application of accreditation as CPE Providers:

Please send completed
 CPE Provider Accreditation Application Form, with cover letter addressed to 'Chairperson, CPE Accreditation Committee', and a list of recent and/or upcoming CPE events to

Singapore Pharmacy Council
NKF Centre, Level 9
81 Kim Keat Road
Singapore 328836

Please email to or call 6478 5066 / 5068 for assistance in CPE-related matters.

Last Updated on March 4, 2011